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Information about the Non-Immigrant ED Visa

Windfield International School offers assistance to students and their parents in applying for the Non- Immigrant ED and Non-Immigrant O (Follower or Guardian) visas.

Students enrolled at the school are eligible for an ED visa for the duration of their studies at the school. Please note: only one parent can be granted an O non-immigrant visa (1 ED visa entitles the holder to an O visa).

To apply for an ED non-immigrant visa, you must submit a certificate from the school and an
 uthorisation issued by the Ministry of Education (Suratthani Province).

The school is responsible for this application.

The procedure can take up to 45 days. It is therefore important to prepare all the required documents in time.

ED & O non-immigrant visas are valid for one year and are subject to an extension issued by the
Immigration Department every 90 days.

Visa Document Requirement: 

For the student:

  • 1 – Full copy of passport
    2 – Copy of birth certificate
    3 – 2 photos (2X1.5 inch) with white background
    4 – Personal history issued by the school

For the parent:

  • 1 – Full copy of passport
    2 – 3 photos (2X1.5 inch)
    3 – Bank statement showing the sum of €800
    4 – Parent’s personal history issued by the school
    5 – All documents must be signed by the accompanying parent.

Application process :

All documents provided by the school must be sent to the Embassy or Consulate of the family’s place of residence. A copy of the school’s license and a letter of authorisation from the Ministry of Education, if requested, must also be attached.

The Ed visa is issued for a period of 3 months. At least 30 days before the expiry date of the visa, the student must apply to the Koh Samui Immigration Office for a one-year extension. This procedure must be repeated every year. The application must be made in person at the Immigration office. Every 90 days, the visa must be validated by the immigration authorities. The Non-Immigrant O visa is also valid for 3 months.

Before the visa expires – at least 30 days before – the accompanying parent must apply for an extension. This procedure must be renewed every year. For the first application, THB 500,000 must be deposited in a Thai bank account for at least one month, together with the birth certificate of the child attending school.

For the 2nd visa extension application, the accompanying parent must have the sum of THB 500,000 deposited in a Thai bank account for a minimum period of 3 months. The renewal application must be submitted in person by the accompanying parent and the student to the Immigration Office. The visa must then be validated every 3 months by the Immigration Department, which must be visited in person.

Administrative fees for the processing of documents: 2,000.00 THB per visa requested.

As soon as you arrive in Koh Samui, please contact the school’s visa department.

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