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Windfield International School was founded as a result of collaboration between M. Stéphane Salaun, Director of the French School of Koh Samui and Sompob and Samat Yongsiri, a family of entrepreneurs and business people from Bangkok.

The Yongsiri family are passionate about education and are keen to invest in an educational project that takes into account the development of the child, not only from an academic point of view by offering the student a high quality education in both the French and British curriculum, but also an holistic point of view by taking into consideration sound moral values, constant personalised attention, and the development the student’s extra-curricular talents (sports, music, dance, art, service to the community, etc), thus contributing to the education of students who will become responsible and committed world citizens.

The partnership with the Yongsiri family is also a guarantee of the financial stability of our school, which is essential for the implementation of a serious long-term project.

The idea of bringing together a French and a British school on the same campus, each with their own program, will allow for constant linguistic exchanges between students, who will also share certain courses, and is a step towards opening them up to the world, preparing them for the future and instilling in them a life-long desire for educational excellence and continual improvement, in a secure and peaceful setting.