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WCM wants to offer every child a place where they can forge their own path of learning and development in an environnement rich in opportunities.


While following the French curriculum, WCM offers an innovative and child-friendly pedagogy, inspired by the works of Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Catherine Gueguen, Celine Alvarez…

It places the child at the heart of the learning process, adapting to their individual needs. It promotes the child’s self-confidence, a key factor in academic success, by providing him with benevolence, many choices and time to learn at his own pace.

WCM academic program is continually evolving to prepare students for the world of tomorrow.


At WCM, the national education curriculum is taught alternatively in French and English, one full day at a time, by native teachers. An introduction to Thai language and culture has also been integrated into the curriculum.

Learning several languages gives children a great openness to the world. Learning a foreign language improves children’s cognitive abilities and gives them many social advantages.
The younger the child, the easier for him to master a new language.


A vision that doesn’t rush Early Learnings


A vision where your child’s interests count


A vision where learning and fun are one


The early childhood center of WCM, is where the journey begins and where your child gets personalized care, in order to encourage, to support him through every milestone, as they learn to walk, sing, talk and run all at once, allowing him to celebrate each success

Under the care of their experienced teachers, your child explores new ideas through engaging activities for cognitive and emotional development, the key of a solid foundation for their school career.
On natural climbable structures, in the shaded playground, and the outdoor classroom, your child will enjoy hours every day in the fresh air, which supports their brain growth as well as their physical health

Kindergarten is a play-based program supporting the idea that children understand the world around them by asking questions and solving problems.

Language, maths, sciences will be taught through exploration, investigation, creation, play where the child will be encouraged to hypothesize, to test, to defend his ideas.

Learning fine motor skills through manipulation prepares them to take on writing more easily.

By listening to these natural impulses, without hindering, repressing or judging them, and by offering a rich and varied place to learn and live, WCM enables each child to get to know him or herself, to blossom, to find his or her place and to prepare to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world.


The WCM elementary program for Year 2 to Year 6 includes the core academic subjects of reading, writing, mathematics, and social studies as well as specialized classes such as science, art, music, Thai, physical education, and computer science.

Social-emotional learning is integrated throughout the elementary curriculum. Learning at school means questioning the world. It also means acquiring specific language skills, skills for which simply growing up is not enough.
Cycle 2 covers the period from CP (Y2) to CE2 (Y4), providing the necessary length and coherence for progressive and demanding learning. In Cycle 2, all learning focuses on the world. The mastery of languages, and in particular the French language, is a priority .

Cycle 3 covers the period from CM1 (Y5) to CM2 (Y6) links the last two years of elementary school and the first year of lower secondary school, with a view to ensuring greater pedagogical continuity and coherence in learning, and the acquisition of a common foundation of knowledge, skills and culture. This cycle has a dual responsibility: to consolidate the fundamental learning begun in Cycle 2, which is a prerequisite for further learning; and to ensure a smooth transition between elementary school and collège, by ensuring continuity and progressiveness between the three years of the cycle.

School fees


20.000 THB

10.000 THB per year

220.000 THB per year

235.000 THB per year

2nd child: 5%
3rd child: 10%

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