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Accreditation - School Licenses

Accreditation – School License

Accreditation, associations and memberships

Windfield International School (WIS) is one of the only two schools in Thailand whose curricula are internationally accredited by the French and the two most important UK education authorities.

WIS students do not need to travel overseas to sit the relevant examinations and their results are recognized globally.

The French Ministry of Education’s Baccalaureate, the BAC, is an internationally recognised diploma which is often considered a reference when evaluating general cultural knowledge, critical thinking and academic progress. Indeed, the BAC is an all-encompassing, adaptable and demanding pre-university programme. The BAC is a two-year program in which written and oral exam results account for 60% of the final grade, and continuous, in-class evaluation accounts for the remaining 40%.

The British section is accredited by both CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD AQA Examinations Board as an IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and A-Levels designated examination centre.

Both WIS’ French and British National Standards-based curricula are recognized and accredited by three world-class examination centres (French Ministry of Education, University of Cambridge, and University of Oxford.

Windfield International School is the only Exams Center in Thailand that accepts external students for all three Examinations Boards (The French Ministry of Education, Cambridge Assessment International Education, and Oxford AQA).

MoE - Ministry of Education

Windfield International School is operated with the approval of the Ministry of Education of Thailand as per guidelines provided by the Teachers Council of Thailand (Khurusapa).

ISAT : International Schools Association of Thailand





ISAT acts as the unified voice for international education in Thailand and as a centre for collective action on behalf of its membership. It serves and strengthens its membership by articulating and promoting high standards of educational quality, ethical practices and student learning.

AEFE - Agence pour l'enseignement français à l'étranger

Windfield International School is one of the only 4 schools in Thailand accredited by the Agency for French Education Abroad, or Agency for French Teaching Abroad, (French:
Agence pour l'enseignement français à l’étranger; abbreviation: AEFE), the French national public agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
AEFE assures the quality of schools teaching the French national curriculum outside France.

The AEFE has 500 schools in its worldwide network, with French as the primary language of instruction in most schools.



Windfield International School is a proud member of the Cambridge Assessment
International Education (informally known as Cambridge International or simply
Cambridge and formerly known as CIE, Cambridge International Examinations) network
and approved to offer and examine Cambridge Examinations qualifications from
Primary up to A level to both internal and external students.
Who is Cambridge Assessment International Education?
Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) prepares school students for life, helping
them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. CIE are part of
Cambridge Assessment, a department of the University of Cambridge. Their
international qualifications are recognised by the world’s best universities and
employers, giving students a wide range of options in their education and career. As a
not-for-profit organisation, they devote their resources to delivering high-quality
educational programmes that can unlock learners’ potential.
CIE’s programmes and qualifications set the global standard for international education.
They are created by subject experts, rooted in academic rigour and reflect the latest
educational research. They provide a strong platform for learners to progress from one
stage to the next, and are well supported by teaching and learning resources.
Their mission is to provide educational benefit through provision of international
programmes and qualifications for school education and to be the world leader in this
field. Together with schools, we develop Cambridge learners who are confident,
responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged, ensuring they are well equipped for
success in the modern world.
Every year, nearly a million Cambridge learners from 10,000 schools in 160 countries
prepare for their future with an international education from Cambridge.
Link to general information:


OxfordAQA is a joint venture between Oxford University Press, a department of the
University of Oxford, and AQA, Assessment and Qualifications Alliance, the UK's
leading academic awarding body. Drawing on over 100 years of exam experience,
OxfordAQA is meticulous about how the qualifications are developed.

Together with delivering OxfordAQA qualifications, WIS joined the British Council's
Partner Schools Global Network, where British Council will provide essential exam
administration services for A Level or International GCSE exams, along with enhanced
support for school leaders, teachers, parents and students.
For more information about the qualifications, please visit the OxfordAQA Official

UCAS - The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is an organisation based in
Great Britain whose main role is providing assistance with applying to British
universities. It provides future students, their parents and their schools with assistance
regarding applications, free information and advice, aiming for maximum facilitation of
the application process, including solving any problems the potential applicants may
Since Windfield International School has become a UCAS registered centre, its last-
year students who would like to continue their education in Great Britain can go through
the application process much more easily.
As a UCAS registered centre, Windfield International School helps students
successfully complete the entire application process and has unique access to the
students’ applications during the process itself.
This way, the students will regularly receive reminders for amending their applications,
along with suggestions regarding the best possible ways to make them. Monthly email
updates on the application process are another benefit. International School receives
this information directly from UCAS, so all the information is 100% reliable.
When their child is attending a school, like WIS, which is a registered UCAS centre, it is
quite easy for the parents to get involved it the preparation process.
To support the future students the best they can, the parents can count on a wide range
of information. Of course, International School’s professionals are always there to help
the parents based on their expert understanding of the students’ talents and
Throughout the year, the parents receive a monthly newsletter with the latest
information and updates on the application process, while using the online assistance
tools they can see how studies and university life can be financed, learn about the
proper steps in the application process, see whether a university has open days, and
much more.

ONESQA - The Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment

Windfield International School has been accredited by the Office for National Education
Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA) of Thailand since 2023. The ONESQA

has been established with the main objective of providing educational quality assurance
in accord with mandatory provisions of Sections 49, 50 and 51 of the National Education
Act 1999 and Amendments (Second National Education Act 2002). It has played an
important role in assessing the quality of educational institutions at all levels and of all
types in Thailand. The ONESQA’s mandate is to see whether these educational
institutions’ performance has reached the standard required.

See the certificates : 

The Office of Private Education Commission (OPEC)

The Office of Private Education Commission (OPEC) was established in 2011 as per the ministerial regulations on monitoring education quality and also to conduct an internal quality assurance (IQA) by visiting schools once every three years using the eight standards established by the Ministry of Education. In addition, each school must submit an annual report to OPEC. International Schools that are accredited by ONESQA or by MoE recognized accrediting agencies (WASC, CIS, NEASE, CFBT) are permitted to submit their Self-Study Report/Annual Reports to OPEC. WIS annually meet this requirement.



UNSS Asia-Pacific - French National School Sport Union

With more than a million athletes licensees, the UNSS (Union nationale du sportscolaire), is the second largest sports federation in France. Windfield School Sports Sections are accredited by the AEFE. They are governed by
the same requirements and constraints as those in the European Union. These offer students the opportunity to benefit from more sustained training in a favorite activity and to participate in competitions at the federal level.
Every year since 2017, AEFE-UNSS organizes the International Youth Games (IYG) this has been an opportunity for schools to combine physical and sporting practices with the promotion of the values ​​of sport, and the possibility of "radiating the richness of school sport for all and all, inclusive, educational and responsible.
The IYG program is inspired by the international sports program on training young people for the Olympic Games. This program, which we can find in several sportsdisciplines at Windfield, is called “Talent Identification & Development” (TID). The Talent Identification program is defined in the Secondary PE pedagogical project. This program is managed by the Secondary PE teaching team, and it is intended for key stages 2 to5.
Windfield students are given the opportunity to compete with teams from 42 countries and 11 French academies on a program that brings to life the spirit of the International Youth Games, so emblematic of the humanist commitment of the AEFE and the UNSS.

PESA - Positive Education Schools Association

Windfield International School (WIS) is an full member of the Positive Education Schools Association (PESA). By being an institutional member of the association, students at WIS have the opportunity and are committed to experience first-hand the science of wellbeing and positive psychology.
Across every aspect of our school, we believe that developing the optimism and resilience that students need to successfully navigate life is as important as academic education. These strengths will also enhance their engagement with learning. To this end, we have built positive education strategies into our curriculum, our policies and procedures and into an explicit Positive Education
course for students within our Primary and Secondary Schools.
The integration of positive psychology throughout the education system not only benefits the students, but also allows the schools and communities to flourish. This sums up the vision and mission of the PESA initiative.

Professional Memberships

In addition to our accreditation, and associations, Windfield International School holds the most relevant professional memberships with organisations that ensure our community of learners have access to ongoing best practice in education.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

Founded in 1943, ASCD has more than 125,000 members from more than 128 countries, including principals, head teachers, teachers, professors of education, and other educators.

By joining hands with The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, WIS empowers its educators to achieve excellence in learning, teaching, and leading so that every child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

Principal's / Teacher's Training Center (PTC and TTC)

The PTC and the TTC serve the unique professional development needs of practicing and aspiring principals, teachers, counselors, admissions personnel and governance members in international schools worldwide. We strive to provide world class, research- driven, practical training, designed to be put into practice in the international school setting.

The International Educator (TIE)

The International Educator (TIE) is a non-profit organization committed to matching highly qualified educators with international schools around the world. For more than 30 years, TIE has been the most comprehensive service dedicated to advancing the highest professional teaching standards and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the international school community.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award





The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (commonly abbreviated DofE)[2] is a youth awards programme founded in the United Kingdom in 1956 by the Duke of Edinburgh, which has since expanded to 144 nations. The awards recognise adolescents and young adults for completing a series of self-improvement exercises modelled on Kurt Hahn’s solutions to his “Six Declines of Modern Youth”.

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